Adam Burgis

Hey there! This is me, Adam Burgis. I am a Scientist. I recently graduated from college with a degree in Integrative Sciences. This degree is specifically designed to provide interdisciplinary education in both physical and life sciences. I use this education to identify the intersection of science and the world around us. Recently, I started using that education to produce a podcast called Basically Science.

As I progressed throughout my college career, I started to notice something peculiar. I began to notice that my understanding of the world was changing. Furthermore, I realized that my peers who chose a path other than science, did not understand the world like I did. In retrospect, this is not surprising to me at all, but at the time I was not prepared for that realization. What I struggled with most was, that although principles in science were obvious to me, most people did not even realize they were there. After much thought, I came to the conclusion that this lack of realization among others can be attributed to poor foundational science education. As a result, I am now on a mission to do my part to increase access to science education.


Parker Adams

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